dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Brands in China Are Going the Digital Way for 2017

China's e-commerce is thriving in contemporary times. Every day about 150,000 new buyers from China join the million people already in the e-commerce business. According to trade analysts, this number soon doubled by the year 2020 an estimated $ 1.5tn. Future for brand development and online retailing seems to be brilliant with constant innovation in the e-commerce market in China.

Social Shopping in China

Most major brands in China are competing for leadership in the e-commerce industry in China. However the brands that integrate your business model with customer experience and co-creation attempts with consumers in the online and offline world will survive and reap the benefits. These brands not only create a niche for themselves, but will outperform their competitors and become the key player in the dynamic world of e-commerce in China.

source : http://www.aucmahitech.com/brands-in-china-are-going-the-digital-way-and-investing-heavily-in-the-e-commerce-market.html

Digital Marketing and E-Commerce in China

Digital marketing is on the rise in China. Digital and e-commerce hand making all the more successful. Most brands in China are pursuing digital marketing strategy in order to take over the e-commerce market and gain an edge over their competitors. Since Chinese children are technology experts and mostly online shopping, most brands and companies have understood that there is no better way than the Internet to capture the e-commerce market. Most brands in China are investing in the e-commerce market in China for the fact that they can reach one million consumers at one go.

lundi 26 décembre 2016

2.4 million Chinese tourists in Indonesia in 2017

The government has set a higher question for tourist arrivals from China next year, despite political and immigration issues that may hinder plans. The Ministry of Tourism expects 2.4 million Chinese tourists from Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, in 2017, which is more than 2.1 million tourists this year. The effort was made following the positive trend of visits this year, where China is the main contributor to foreign tourist arrivals this year. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya ignored political concerns, especially mass protests, many of which had anti-Chinese sentiment, as well as visa-free policy for Chinese tourists who were used by Chinese workers. [...] please look out, if we cancel it, our job will be wasting, "he said Wednesday. Public concerns were recently raised about visa-free policy, especially for Chinese tourists, data from the General Directorate of Immigration revealed that most of the tourists who violated the policy are of Chinese nationality.

Indonesia Tourism Situation 

However, the ministry reiterated that it has made its project to attract more Chinese tourists, notably by opening more to secondary cities in China as well as through digital promotion. Regarding air routes, the ministry undertook to reserve at least 20 percent of its incentive son of $ 15 million to airlines to open the roads connecting Indonesian and Chinese cities. The incentive is intended to absorb losses incurred by airlines during the initial operation of the new routes.

Meanwhile, the national flag bearer Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air's largest low-cost carrier of the country have also opened direct flights from Chinese cities to Indonesian cities such as Jakarta and even Manado, North Sulawesi. The ministry estimates that 80 percent of tourists arrive in the country by air.

The effort to attract Chinese tourists is part of the government's overall program to attract 15 million tourists the following year, a 25 percent increase in the 12 million tourists this year. It anticipates a gradual increase of 20 million tourists by 2019.

9.4 million foreign tourists

In October, 9.4 million foreign tourists arrived, according to the Central Statistical Agency (BPS).

The government's effort to attract Chinese tourists presents itself as a valid basis, as China is the world leader in international tourism and issuing tourism since 2012, with more than 100 million outgoing tourists each year. However, Indonesia was not seized as occasionally, as the Thailand Tourism Council provides for 8.9 million Chinese tourists to visit this year, a figure that is expected to increase to 9.8 million 'next year.

The association of Indonesian tourists and travel agencies (ASITA) is also optimistic about the prospect of Chinese tourist arrivals next year, as it has not found any misuse visa among Chinese tourists joining Its tourist packages.
"The feeling [of perceived anti-Chinese] has also not hurt the company," said ASITA President Asnawi Bahar.

The association aims to host 5,000 Chinese tourists in the country of Chinese New Year celebrations in January next year and to have eight road shows in Chinese cities like Guangzhou next year. Road-shows will be business-to-business meetings between Indonesian and Chinese tour operators.
Hariyadi Sukamdani, claiming that so far the hotel business has not suffered from problems.
"We are asking the government and the immigration office to deal proportionately with Chinese affairs. Arrivals will continue to increase next year as long as there are no political difficulties, "he said.
The anglo-Saxon airport company Angkasa Pura II even announced that it had set up a business project unit to stimulate Chinese tourist visits this year for three of its airports do the Kualanamu International Airport and the airport, Silangit Airport in northern Sumatra as well as Supadio Airport in West Kalimantan. Observer of Tourism of the University of Indonesia

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Most influential Women of China

Dong Mingzhu

Dong Mingzhu, president of China's largest air conditioner manufacturer, Gree Electric Appliances Inc., is at the top of Fortune China's annual list of 25 most influential businesswomen in the country. The influence of Dong Mingzhu was reinforced by its diversified development strategy. She said earlier this year that Gree's business activities range from air conditioners and appliances to smartphones, its core business, to new energy vehicles and intelligent equipment.

Lucy Peng Lei

Two people from e-commerce giant Alibaba also joined the list: Lucy Peng Lei, president of Ant Financial Services Group, the payment subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd., and Wu Wei,

Wu Wei

chief financial officer of Alibaba Group. Yang Huiyan, vice president of the Guangdong real estate developer, Country Garden Holdings Co Ltd, and Jean Liu Qing, chairman of the car booking company with chauffeur Didi Chuxing, also entered the list. Among the other women on the list are Sun Yafang, President of Huawei, Du Juan, General Manager of GOME Electrical Appliances, Elaine Chang, President of Amazon China and Zhou Qunfei, CEO of Lens Technology. Whatever their time or their particular fields, these businesswomen act as "connectors" and "communicators". According to Fortune China, they succeed in business and at the same time they make the world a better place.

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samedi 19 novembre 2016

3 digital Marketing trends in 2016

One can not deny the importance of digital marketing in China. Nowadays, digital marketing is so important in China that every business needs a full-fledged digital marketing strategy in order to compete in the market. Many people have asked the question at a digital marketing agency in Shanghai China that way to market business furniture for the Chinese market. Answer the question.
source http://www.tech-cave.com/digital-marketing-important-china/ 

Digital Marketing connect consumers

China has been a rapidly growing consumer market and it is not surprising to realize that an increasing number of companies around the world are looking for a way to market, brand and communicate with consumers Chinese. Since most brands in China are digital these days, if you market in China, it is highly recommended to know this market, become aware of popular trends and join those that will benefit you.
Digital marketing in China is changing, changing and incredibly dynamic; Obviously, it looks like digital marketing trends in Western markets. So what do we know about Chinese consumers, when it comes to their digital behavior? WeChat, Qzone and QQ are the most popular social media networks in China; Their popularity as mobile chat apps has increased among users. Besides instant messaging, people in China use mobile devices to check the weather, use mobile payment services and m-commerce and book their trips. Among mobile phone users, about 35% use their mobile phones to purchase monthly products and / or services; The peak season is before / during the Double 11 Festival. So in general, we are talking about the younger population.
source http://wspacedesign.com/internet-marketing/most-brands-in-china-are-going-digital-join-the-trend/

mobile Revolution

The digital revolution began in China. The tastes and tastes of Chinese consumers have begun to change and all spend a lot of time on social networks, on their mobile and making the best use of a flotilla of digital tools.

If you are a good professional marketing then make sure you follow the marketing trends below mentioned. Internet is a significant medium in China In the coming years, in China, the Internet has become a very influential medium for about 600 million users. In China, the Internet has reached great coverage and is now available in almost all of China. It does not matter because almost all Internet users reside in coastal areas and large cities and are quite rich.

vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Trip to Bali, my Tips for travellers

End of trip of Bali Here are my tips. 

 Know where you should stay in Bali It is everything of the place, the place, the place. There is undoubtedly it – where you stay is possible make or break your holiday here. The most splendid thing of Bali consists of the fact that he gives a sprawling range of lifestyle and knows according to where you stay. If you want to the party, the region of Kuta de Bali of the south is for you. You want anything of more class? Try Seminyak.

Card of Bali

If it is spirituality and good health you are afterwards, you would like to head for Ubud. The research of serenity far from the crowds of beach? The north coast of Bali is perfect. Trips with the family and security your primary concern? The appeals of the upper security of Nusa Dua are your stain.

 Make sure that you choose a stain in Bali who corresponds to the type of holiday which you search. Prove our indicator of region in front of Bali for a detailed description of regions different from Bali!

Trip of Bali N ° 2. 

By arriving in and by arriving around Bring some money with you on your flight in Bali – you will need 25 $ per capita for entry visas to be paid to arrival in the airport of Denpasar. The older 100$ bills will not often cut him – they accept only after the 100$ notes of 1997.

As for fact to arrive around Bali as soon as you are there – hold this public transport in the head am non-existent almost here. Unless you planned during stay in regions visited of the taxi of Bali of the south, the best method for fact to arrive must rent around a car or hire a car with a driver. To drive you, you will need a valid international Driver's licence, which you can pick up easily of your country of origin before you arrive here.

 Also, it is a good idea of making endorse your IDL by the local police in Indonesia as soon as you arrive. Most cops of the street are unaware of it, but IDL is not legal in fact without the stamp of Indonesian endorsement of the police. You will not need it probably, but it is possible to be legally involved in the rare case of an accident or of a statement of disaster if the endorsement is not made. The consideration of all what is needed to receive an endorsement is 15,000 IDR (1.50 $) and a promenade in a local guardhouse – you could take also this additional precaution. It is always better safe than desolate.

Remember to bringing some money on your flight back from Bali – there is a tax of exit of 150,000 IDR (15 $) per capita.

End of trip of Bali N ° 3. Financial business

The most cheap means to exchange some money while trips have to withdraw some money directly from your debit card while abroad.

lundi 7 novembre 2016

Digital Startups are expanding in China

China is the dream of an entrepreneur, 

China is the dream of an entrepreneur, with the new opening up almost every hour, "says GMA co-founder Olivier Verot." Purpose They are folding at a similar pace. Not understanding the market, growing very slowly, growing too fast. They are failing for several reasons, "he continued. For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, GMA-growth has been steady for the past four years and now the agency employs 37 full time staff, who extends desk space in the office to the Jing'an ability. Instead of relocating the entire office,

Gentlemen Marketing Agency 

 Olivier and co-founder Philip Qian made the strategic decision to open a new office in Zhabei, leaving the sales and customer management teams in the Shanghai headquarters to accommodate the team. Growing digital operations. "It is convenient, it has an office located in the center of Shanghai. It is easier for our foreign clients as well as our international staff who like to be based in the city. "Our operations team is predominantly local and prefers to work in local areas where the cost of living is cheaper," explains Olivier. The choice of office space is Hutaizhi way was aussi decision was considered, looking forward.

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mercredi 26 octobre 2016

South Korean tourism stocks tumble on China travel curbs

South Asia Tourism Market 

the main Seoul bourse slid on investor confidence weakened after an announcement of Korea Tourism Organization that the Chinese government has ordered local travel agencies to reduce the number of tourists visiting Korea. The Kospi closed at 2,037.17 on Tuesday, down 10.57 points, or 0.52 percent, from the previous day. Retail investors pushed the index down by offloading 173.4 billion won ($ 152.9 million) worth of shares. Foreign investors also sold 61 billion won. Institutional investors prevented the index from falling further by purchasing 242.6 billion won in shares.

The automaker Hyundai Motor firmed 2.6 percent to 138,000 won on the back of his greatness model new flagship, he unveiled on Tuesday. auto parts affiliate Hyundai Mobis rode the wave, gaining 2.1 percent to end the day at ₩ 267.000. China's decision to impose restrictions on travel low cost and reduce the number of people traveling to Korea 20 percent received a significant blow to cosmetics companies, which rely heavily on Chinese buyers. the largest manufacturer of cosmetics in the country, AmorePacific, fell 7.12 percent to ₩ 345,500, and LG Household and Healthcare fell 8.34 percent to ₩ 846,000. Hotel Shilla also took a hit, falling 6.94 percent very ₩ 57,700 to.

The secondary Kosdaq fell for the fourth straight trading day to close at 640.17, down 7.71 points, or 1.19 percent, from the previous day. It was the lowest point in the index in eight months. pharmaceuticals entrained by the index, with 0.48 percent slip Celltrion to ₩ 103,700 and Medytox Komipharm and each loss of 0.24 percent and 3 percent and ₩ 41,500 ₩ 378.300. The Korean won weakened 0.2 percent to 1,133.5 against the dollar on investor concerns about China's tourism decision.

What CEO say about this trend

"The issue is painful," said Lee Seung-jun, the CEO of active investment in Samsung Asset Management. "The tax-free operators will bear the brunt." bond yields three-year government rose one basis point to 1.4 percent, while the yield on the 10-year bond rose three basis points to 1.64 percent.

source Nikkei Asian Review-

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